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How can you manage fights in a relationship?

No relationship can be said to be perfect. As long as there are two different persons with different attitudes, behaviour and even background, there is bound to be at least, once a in a while, little misunderstandings. So, we are here to help outline possible ways of managing these misunderstandings and fights so that you can enjoy your relationship. Follow the steps below.

1. Relax.

Most times when you’re triggered, especiqlly in the middle of a misunderstanding, you may begin to experience increased arousal, as if you are heating and boiling up. This is whenvsome devilish inner voices will begin to tell you to destroy things like lashing out at your partner or even hitting your partner.

Do not be propelled by your impulses to respond. Your Response should be by calming yourself down, maybe by taking a series of deep breaths or counting back from 10.

You can get a hold of these moments and learn to pause. For example, you can choose between intimating and violating, between addressi…
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Chai!...Wahala dey o. My ears don hear taya!

Just last night, my former school mate who lives in Enugu called to narrate an incident to me. When he finished the narration…I was just there, mute. I couldn’t immediately come up with an idea or an advice to give to him. Honestly, I don’t know what to tell him. That’s why I decided to bring it here, to hear your opinion.

The Story.

Chike, my firend is a very nice guy. He is very social, jovial and the killer of it all is that he is the husband to every young little kid along his street! He loves kids. He buys them gifts and even canes them when they misbehave, although, he does it out of love. These kids’ parents love Chike so much, especially the ones who sell beverages in front of their compound. In fact, if Chike needed to buy anything, we would just call the woman on the phone and she will send her little 10 Year Old daughter to bring whatever it is to ‘Uncle Chike’ On Sundays, whenever Chike cooks or his girlfriend is around, they coo…


A quintessential gospel artist, song writer and spirit uplifting evangelist. A wife and mother, Nenye who hails from Abia State Nigeria but married to a hubby from Enugu State Nigeria has a melodious voice and is an inspiration to younger gospel singers.

The track ABU M CHI is one of her melodious songs which just hit the airwaves and is trending worldwide! Worship God in a special way like never before and invoke God's presence in your homes, offices, in the vehicle and in the House of God.

... Abum chi, nke na enweghi mgbawe, ihem kwuru ga eme.. .. 🎢🎡🎷🎸
It is finally here.

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God bless you.

Crush That Crush, Save Your Marriage : Pastor Adeboye (See Reactions)

"No one should be closer to you or know more about you than your spouse." 

Pastor Adeboye, the Founder and General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God made a thread on Twitter about married men and women where he advised married Christians to cut off anyone who is taking their attention away from their marriage or partner.

Although his tweet had come under serious criticism especial the part where he asked his son to fire a secretary for taking his attention..

"One of my sons once told me that he was always excited to resume in the office every Monday because he would get to see his secretary again. I told him to fire her immediately. Nothing and no one is worth your marriage."

All the same, there is so much sense in his tweet and I feel you should go through it. Do not let anyone come in between you and your partner. Crush that crush!

Read through.


Today, I will be focusing on the married. It is sad that many married people are st…

How to Start a Barbing Salon & Make Over ₦500,000 Monthly

Have you ever wondered what it takes to start a successful and highly profitable barbing salon business in Nigeria? The barbing salon equipment, tools and kits needed to make your business a huge success and the talk of the town? Or how to draw a good barbing salon business plan?

You’ll find answers to all of those questions in this guide.

Finish up on Naija Home Based.

Six(6) ways to stay romantic in long distance relationship

It is really tough to maintain long-distance relationships. That's the truth. Let's not sugarcoat it and make it sound like fairy tales or some ideas borne out of fantasy. Being miles away from one another puts stress on the relationship because it requires an extraordinary amount of trust and dedication. It can be so frustrating to keep the connection you once had when the two of you were right beside each other.

Below are six ways to be romantic in long distance relationship

1. Send good morning text messages. It sounds sappy and can really be romantic staying connected despite the fact you are miles apart.

2. Plan date nights. Even though you are not together in a room, you can plan date nights. Some of the most fun memories of long distance dating was curling up on the couch with your phone beside you, texting your boyfriend/girlfriend and commenting on the show you both are watching.

3. Send photo texts of your day. Admire him/her, call yourself romantic name.

4. Pay atte…

Never Switch Off Your Mobile Data. See Why!

The advent of Smartphones has made the world a global village where there is little or no restrictions to the flow of information that has been of tremendous help to humanity.

The ease with which information is accessed through Smartphones makes Java phones useless and an antiquity. Students can easily research using the internet over Smartphones. Businessmen and women sell and buy products online, marketers advertise their services, bloggers bring to us live news about happenings around us, articles on healthy lifestyle, morality, and other motivational posts are also accessed easily over Smartphones. Families and friends are united easily and love is found over the internet being facilitated with the use of Smartphones. Lives are also saved courtesy of the ease of messaging using application like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc over Smartphones.

All these can only be possible if you have data and the connection is switched on.

This writeup comes as an advise to my brothers and s…