This should lead us into the new year.

The elderly patient had consented, and he was waiting for the student nurses when they entered his room. The instructor began to demonstrate insertion of a tube through the nose down the throat and into the stomach.

She began to push, push, push, but the tube would not go down. The patient gagged. The instructor tried again and the patient gagged again; but the tube would not move.

Finally the instructor ran to get her supervisor. The supervisor quickly and skillfully inserted the tube where it needed to be.

The instructor felt disgraced and humiliated. Later one of her students thanked her for the lesson she had taught them that day.

The instructor looked puzzled. “How can you thank me for that”? She asked.

The student replied, “You taught us what to do when we fail. Now we know we are to run for help when we can’t manage a situation”.

That’s it.

Life is not always a success. At times everyone fails himself, society and God. There can’t always be success. At times you are disappointed. Like the student nurses, we need to know how to face our failures and where to go for help. The nurses were indeed fortunate to have had the lesson.

Most of us have never had lessons on how to handle failure because our society is success or winner oriented. We’ve assumed that winning is uplifting and we reward the winner.

Everyone wants to win. Nobody wants to lose because losing is failing.

Our books are success oriented. They cover everything on how to succeed on business to how to succeed in canning pickles. What editor would publish a book on how to fail in business? Everyone wants to succeed.

A woman I know quite well blames her husband for all their family failures. If he had worked harder they would have more money today, she laments. You see? She cannot admit her own failure to manage the money they do have.

I pray that God may teach us how to take to corrections.