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    Thursday, 5 January 2017

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    ...and Nnamdi looking visibly angry, ran into his room, picked his cutlass ad chased his father, Dee Okeke, out of the compound.

    The hot pursuit attracted other villagers and Nnamdi's elder brother, Okechukwu who lives in the town was immediately notified of the happenings in his family.

    As the elder brother, he felt that Nnamdi would listen to him. So, he took the next bus down to the village.

    When he arrived the village square, he met a large crowd of people awaiting his arrival. Some youths who had gone to invite the Police drove in to report that the Police will be there soon. Nobody was willing to enter the compound as Nnamdi threatened to unleash mayhem on anybody who dares enter the compound.

    Okechukwu felt that as his eldest brother, Nnamdi would listen to him. So amidst pleas from people, he made up his mind to enter the compound to persuade his brother to drop the cutlass and let his father in.

    But as soon as he entered the compound, Nnamdi attacked him. Just in a matter of seconds, the cutlass came down on Okechukwu's arm, slicing it off instantly! He ran out from the compound with blood gushing out from his amputated arm!!


    "How do you approach a man who is wielding cutlass in the name of seniority? Is that not stupidity?

    Use your head.

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