Every new year, people make resolutions. These resolutions are aimed at correcting perceived inadequacies or mistakes in the previous year.

You make new plans, set new goals, strategies, new relationships and in fact, we seem to start everything anew...on a positive note. With high hopes that the new year will be better than the previous year.

In my previous post, which happens to be my first blogpost for the year 2017, i talked about introspection...looking inwards, discovering and finally unleashing that ingenuity in you.

This new month, this new year presents to us yet another opportunity to start afresh...to correct the mistakes we made yesteryear. This is an opportunity, another chance, another shot to give purpose to all areas of your life.

Whatever your decision is, make sure it positively affects your Christian life, marriage, your relationship, business, career and your entire life.

How do you make this happen?

Read this lovely piece my Ms Jane Osuagwu:

To Your Christian Life

Do not become a mere Christian (I am from a Christian background is not enough).Seek to know God more, draw closer to God. Don’t be complacent in your present state as a Christian. Get serious and committed.Don’t just become a Sunday Sunday Christian only, take your Christian life to the next level by developing a personal relationship with God, accepting the gift of salvation to mankind.
Make a better Christian out of yourself each day.

“Christianity is a lifestyle, live like one.”

To Your Marriage

Marriage is beautiful. It is God’s idea. Make God the foundation of your marriage. Treat your marriage like a business (be committed, be determined).

Marriage does not fail, people only fail in marriage. Work on becoming a better spouse. Know your place and fulfill your duties in marriage. Give purpose to your marriage.

To Your Relationships

Relationships don’t just happen, people make it happen. In your quest for relationships, seek purposeful relationships; relationships that will support your journey to fulfill the purpose for your life.

Be it in your home, protect your relationship with your family. Value your family. A family that is together will weather the storms outside.
Be it in your Christian life, move closer to God. Cultivate healthy relationships among brethren, do not forsake the gathering.
Be it in your business and workplace, grow relationships that will support your career. Treat your boss, clients and colleague right and well. To everyone, respect them.

To Your Business and Career

Your business is for a reason……profit maximization and customer satisfaction. Do not lose sight of why you went into business, your vision for your business. Don’t mix business with pleasure. Treat your clients like kings and watch them connect you to their wide empire. Customer satisfaction does it all. Boost your business by upgrading to the current trend. Your business and career are your means of income, don’t treat with levity.

To Your Life

A new you is possible. Keep working on yourself, your life is a process. You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just start with a step. Take that positive step, make that good choice, your choices work under The Principle Of Cause And Effect.
Your life is on assignment, give meaning and purpose to it.

Acquire more skills to help build your human capital and boost your productivity. Discover your talents and develop them. Be practical about your success.

Have faith in God…..Make each day a better you manifesting. Don’t become a spectator, be a participant. The sky is large enough to accommodate everyone. Keep moving.
You have only one life, make it happen!
You will get there.

And the children of God shall say AMEN!

Happy New Year.

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