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Popular but WRONG PHILOSOPHIES you should stop believing.

There are a number of philosophies being shared around the world. These sayings may seem true at the first instance, but the truth is that patronizing those sayings or beliefs will only limit your vision. Some of them are aimed at making you settle for less, a mediocre believing that 'it's not that bad'

I received this piece from a friend and I think is worth sharing on this platform.



Whatever will be will not be; you have to make it be. You have a part to play in what will be in your life, so don't leave it to chance.



Why settle for half bread when you can…

Humble yourself and you shall be exalted

The quest for superiority is one that comes with a lot of passion. The drive, the urge to be or be seen as being higher and above everyone, most times end up hurting and giving people around the wrong impression about you and result contrary to what you seek to achieve.

No leader likes an arrogant and ‘over-assertive’ follower. No no, its okay to be assertive, but sometimes, a subordinate agrees to take the blame to satisfy his superior’s ego. This is what every leader wants, to be respected and submitted to. That’s obvious. In that case, when you make yourself a rival by always questioning and objecting or even challenging everything your boss says, you become a threat! You will hardly grow under such a man.

A humble and loyal person is one who acknowledges and respects his superior s. Your superiors could be a boss or a higher ranking colleague, elder brother or anyone who’s got something higher than you. An Igbo proverb says ‘Nwata kwochaa aka, osolu okenye rie nri’ (When a chi…

Invigilators' attitude and it's relationship with exam failures among students

An invigilator could be a staff, or an external body that oversees and ensures that exams are written in a conducive environment that will give students, ample opportunity to focus on their works and also militate against examination malpractice.

Dissemination of rules and regulations as regards the conduct of an examination is one of the responsibilities of an exam invigilator.

Enforcement of such rules is equally one of them.

Now, an invigilator is not just there to monitor and prevent a students from cheating during exams. It is rather horrifying to note that invigilators have turned themselves into wolves and lions and as a result, students no longer see them as their guide, but a nightmare!

I am very much concerned because we are leaving untouched, one of the key factors responsible for examination failures, especially in Nigerian tertiary institutions and which has gone a long way to encouraging what we call ‘sorting’

Examination rooms or classes are supposed to be conduci…