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 The quest for superiority is one that comes with a lot of passion. The drive, the urge to be or be seen as being higher and above everyone, most times end up hurting and giving people around the wrong impression about you and result contrary to what you seek to achieve.

No leader likes an arrogant and ‘over-assertive’ follower. No no, its okay to be assertive, but sometimes, a subordinate agrees to take the blame to satisfy his superior’s ego. This is what every leader wants, to be respected and submitted to. That’s obvious. In that case, when you make yourself a rival by always questioning and objecting or even challenging everything your boss says, you become a threat! You will hardly grow under such a man.

A humble and loyal person is one who acknowledges and respects his superior s. Your superiors could be a boss or a higher ranking colleague, elder brother or anyone who’s got something higher than you. An Igbo proverb says ‘Nwata kwochaa aka, osolu okenye rie nri’ (When a child learns to wash his hands, he will begin to dine with elders) Washing your hands as an individual begins from doing the right things, honesty, sincerity of purpose, determination(to grow), objectivity and all efforts you make should not be without optimism. No one succeeds without seeing it first.

So, the washing ritual in the above proverb is also talking about virtues and development of positive traits which will endear you to people who may be of help tomorrow. It is said that when a man’s heart is endeared to his child, he goes with him to the meeting of elders.

I have this friend of mine who is a police officer. He testified before me what happens each time he compliments his boss before outsiders. According to him, he has observed that each time he displays full loyalty, obedience and respect to his boss before outsiders; he usually goes home with extra cash. And ever since, he has come to respect his boss the more.

No man’s character is hidden from everybody. There are people who have been watching you. There are people who are taking note of your movements, attitude, reactions and your conducts. So don’t think you are invisible.

Most times, people get recommended for big positions and jobs by people they never met nor interacted with. When there a good openings, or appointments to be made, the boss thinks only of those who are in his good books. And secondly, you wouldn’t be there when people would recommend you for a good appointment. That is why; in as much as you are assertive, you should be humble and be of calm spirit. Be committed to whatever assignment or tasking assigned to you. Don’t just do to be noticed. Do it because it is right and should be done.