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Recently, some mischievous Nigerians misinterpreted President Muhammadu Buhari's comments in one of his foreign trips. According to the president,some Nigerian youths prefer to lazy about in the pretense of not having white collar jobs instead of taking advantage of the federal government's enterpreneural initiatives and empowerment programmes which has so far employed over 500,000 Nigerians.

Some Nigerians and  politicians alike misconstrued this statement and made it look like the President was referring to all Nigerian youths as being lazy. If this is the case, I'd like to ask you, 'are you lazy?' If no, then why align yourself with those divisive and inciting interpretations by mischief makers?

Ever since this development, many youths who think they are 'lazy', have according to them,started working really hard so as not to be called lazy Nigerian youths. But the question is, in what direction are you working hard?

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, like it has always been over the years, there are indications that politicians have embarked on massive recruitment of political thugs and mercenaries whom they will use to intimidate,rig,perpetrate violence and attack political opponents just to achieve their selfish interests.

Some of these thugs are armed with machetes, axes, and guns. These unscrupulous politicians will stop at nothing to ensure that they emerge victorious at the polls. Therefore, your duty as a thug might also include snatching and making away with ballot boxes with armed policemen on your trails, perpetrating violence at polling units, assassination of perceived political enemies and involvement in other nefarious crimes.

Having no job is no excuse to allowing yourself to be used as a political thug. Being the strongest amongst his political thugs does not mean you are hardworking.

Hardworking is the energy you channel to doing something positive which will impact positively in your life and that of people around you.

Even if you don't get employed in oil companies, you can still become whom God wants you to become. So, doing those little things that earns you little money is a beautiful little beginning. The Holy Book says 'do not despise days of the little beginning' All you need to so is work hard and appreciate the little you have for now,while you work for more.

Note that no matter how hard you work as a thug, you can never succeed these politicians. How is that possible when their children are overseas studying and preparing to use you in the nearest future as their political thugs. Chai, dem do you? Is that the only thing you are good at?

I'd advise you remain lazy. Work, struggle and hustle LAZILY, but don't work hard being a political thug because you will die in 2019!

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