The most embarrassing question anybody would ask you is "do you have mouth odour?" I believe you'd never want to wait for that moment when people will avoid coming close to you because of the killer odour oozing out from your mouth!

I have experienced this and I know how embarrassed I was but I thank God for that bold and loving Angel who summoned courage to tell it to my face. If not, I would still be going about as a big boy unknown to me that I was spreading my dragon breathe around ignorantly and foolishly.

We will treat this subject from a practical-life-experience perspective so that it relates to what you see and experience around you.

Have you ever cautioned yourself about moving or speaking close to someone because you know they will perceive the killer odour from your mouth? If you have,then, this is the psychological angle we will be treating. The loss of self confidence/esteem due to mouth odour.

I can vividly remember the day my girlfriend told me that I had mouth odour. She threw it like a question 'Baby, do you have mouth odour?' I was confused but I didn't doubt her because she could not have lied to me. As good as this revelation was, it only compounded my lack of confidence and made me totally aware of my bad breathe.

Right from that day, I lost my self esteem. I lost the courage to even whisper! I dey crase? I would always stand afar off when talking to someone. I kept buying chewing gums, mouth wash and all what not, thinking that suppressing the smell will solve the problem. I was and am still wrong. My bad breathe was consuming me during my dates with my girlfriend or being in close contact with anyone for that matter. I am sure you can relate to this.

When it became obvious that gums and mouth wash would not do much, I consulted a Dentist for advice.

I learnt the following:

1: Stop Smoking:

One of the antisocial side effects of smoking is bad breathe ( I like to use mouth odour. Its more raw) Whether you are smoking cigarette or Marijuana or chewing Tobacco, smoking not only affects your breathe but also stains your teeth thereby encouraging the growth of bacteria that are responsible for bad breathe! It causes also, the growth of lesions in the lungs and mouth that cause mouth odour.

Brothers and sisters, stop smoking anything smokable! This is not just because of mouth odour (Halitosis)  Not good for your health.

2: Brush twice a day:

You are advised to brush your teeth twice a day. First thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed at night. This helps remove left over food particles which when left to decay, form bacteria responsible for causing teeth cavity and odour. Toothpastes with flouride like Colgate is best recommended.

Also, if you can't brush after every meal, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after eating. If you eat meat or any food that may likely get stuck to your teeth, look for a tooth-pick. Rinse with water afterwards.

3: Teeth Cavity:

Most times,even after following these steps,you still discover that your dragon breath would not go away. One possibility is that you may already have a cavity wherein bacteria formed as a result of decomposed food left over live. The presence of this hole or cavity in your teeth is 100% capable of generating bad smell especially when you talk or breath.


4: Make the Dentist your friend: 

Frequent mouth wash or teeth cleaning is healthy for your teeth and at the long run,help in boosting your self esteem and relationship with people around you.

In case you already have this problem of mouth odour, visit a Dentist and request for dental care(it's not costly.I swear!) after which you can embark on aggressive oral hygiene.

5: And Finally, BITTER-KOLA 

When the Dentist mentioned Bitter-kola, I was like WTF!!! Well,its even more effective than the chewing gums and mouth wash you buy at exorbitant prices. Bitter-kola is no only effective,but medicinal. With just N50, buy one bitter-kola, cut just a tiny portion and throw it into your mouth. Let it circulate while you lick and chew gently until you have swallowed it. Don't take too much. One can last you for a week. Feel the magic.

Mouth odour is a killer! If left, it will kill your self esteem, kill your social life, kill your relationship and might even kill you. Kill it before it kills you.

Feel free to share this beautiful piece with your partner, family, friends, loved ones and even your colleagues. Save them from this social embarrassment. And finally, if he or she has mouth odour, say it, tell them. Truth is bitter,but at the long run, its adorable and life saving.

Thank you.