Okey Nwande is a prolific writer who exposes ills of the society through his well articulated articles with the aim of correcting them.

Here is another beautiful masterpiece titled ‘Danger of the Moment’

He begins...

Euphoric excessiveness of youthful expressions, as I recently conjured, is enshrined in the spirit of ‘the moment’ The moment is somewhat a myopic consciousness that ride off in one’s mind the need for longevity and preservative rationality.

Like the Biblical paradigm, the farmer in his deepest content of the moment told his heart to rest unperturbed, but little did he know that his maker (the master of his past, present and the future) was descending to upturn the clock of his life. Such is the drama of many people we know, or may not had heard of, whose life’s thrust weighed heavily on ‘the moment’. If only we’re aware that the first ideas that tickle our mind amidst human plights are often not the way forward, would we know that ‘the moment’ is intricate and delicate; because often we are tempted to react ‘quickly’ which may not be ‘sensibly’, in order to save the moment.

Fast race, you may think, sometimes is the sublime, nevertheless, in step-wise life itself was made – mark this!

That law of the universe should be a recall to orderliness in times of situational turmoil. The decisions we make or choices we take at every moment that presents itself to us would ultimately have green (long-lastiing) effect in our life. And that is why our RESPONSE upon a mere portage offered to us at the famished hour should be taken constructively.

Fastest approach to a situation isn’t necessarily a rational step towards it. Solution to our challenges or life’s circumstances isn’t most times potent in the ORGASM of the moment. “Let thy spirit be breast into the future that you would see what is good or not to uphold today.”

It’s in the spirit of the moment that a sex addict, in the dimmest cage of that momentary orgasm losses the five senses of humanity and lays down the secrets of his life.

Okey Nwande

Be Careful!

It’s in that same act of gladdening one’s moment that one is easily drugged into unhealthy actions that most times are solaced in remorse and repentance, but the future would reveal to us that hardly would repentance revert the damages made.

Youthful stage is the most complex stage of life, which I concur is hardened with the dangers of the moment; hence should be treaded with utmost caution.

Let thy childhood be the seed of thy youth, and let thy youth bear the fruit of thy old age. What would you say then when we assemble at the table of life’s judgment? “I’m content that I lived a life worth living.” Would that be your stand?

I’m a youth saddened with the same youthful turbulences, and that is why I care.

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