Youths and the social media

It is important to understand the relationship between social media and youths.

As humans, we are bound to conversation and connection. These forms of interaction have also evolved during the last few years and we have found ways to meet communication needs differently than our ancestors had – that is social media through the Internet. Although our modern times are highly technological, these online ways of interacting are not likely to replace the constant need for love, communication, and connection with each other.

Youths are using the latest technologies to enhance communication and express their feelings. The Internet has become the greatest communication tool and has changed the way we used to interact in the past. Social media allows youths to interact with each other all over the world instantly.

Why Social Media and Youths
The Internet makes it possible for us to connect with loved ones, and even strangers, from all over the world, at any time of day or night. While connecting to loved ones or strangers through traditional methods, such as letters through the mail and phone calls, will never go away, it seems as though the Internet is quickly taking precedence in our everyday lives.

We can perhaps attribute this on the explosive growth of social media websites. As human beings, we maintain our existence by connecting and bonding through talk. We greatly value conversation, as it is not only a tool for transmitting information, but it is also used as a means of building families, friendships, and communities.

The everyday use of social media sites has become an important part in almost everybody’s life. Blogging, online social platforms and other digital materials have already become popular among youths.

Present Status of Social Media and Youths

Almost 93% of youths use the internet for social interaction. They can share personal information, get in contact with new people and share their stories on a constant basis. Almost 55% of youths are likely to have at least one profile on the social network sites.

Online platforms such as MySpace and Facebook are the perfect place for youths who are keen on blogging and online interaction. For instance, 2 in 10 youths that are using social networking are likely to blog too. Social media websites have multiple forms, including forums, message boards, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures, videos and more.

Some of the most popular social media websites are Google, Wikipedia, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr or YouTube. With social media websites, many youths find that their need for human interaction and a sense of belonging are met. These websites allow people to express themselves, share their ideas and opinions, become educated on a number of topics and most important, becoming a part of a real community.

Statistics also show some very interesting numbers about social media and youths. Content created by youths continues to grow and 64% of online young people between ages 12 to 24 are engaged in at least one type of content creation.

This doesn’t mean that the internet/social networking does not have its negative sides. But my advice to youths and young ones out there is that they should harness the positive potentials inherent in the social media for their personal and collective development.

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Credit: Kids Learn To  Blog