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Depression: How It Affects Your Eating Habits And What You Can Do To Start Making Healthier Choices.

Your eating habits often suffer when you’re struggling with depression. Some people overeat and gain weight because they turn to food to lift their mood. Others find they’re too exhausted to prepare balanced meals or that they’ve lost their appetite completely.

The truth is that whether you're overeating or not eating enough, you may be using food to feel better or to cope with difficult feelings.

People become even more depressed when they feel trapped in a feeling of hopelessness about life and their poor eating habits. At this juncture, it’s important to connect with other people so you don't become too isolated. Talking with friends and a therapist can provide support to help you break out of that cycle.

These are ways depression affects your eating habit

1. Using Food for Comfort.

Many people with depression often use food to self-medicate. What they do is that they may eat to improve or avoid negative or uncomfortable feelings, like sadness, shame, and self-loathing.”


Why You Should Know your Genotype Before Considering Getting Married

A lot of Medical doctors and marriage counselors advise that couples who are about to get married should go for specific medical tests before tying the knot.

While this is very important, many couples don't heed this advice for fear of probably incompatible results, especially as regards their haemoglobin genotype, emerging to become a reason for not getting married after such a long and deep emotional investment into each other.

This can be very heart-breaking and some people might go into depression that would require psychiatric care if they're compelled to cut off the relationship and marriage after such a long time of planning about their future together.

Instead of waiting till you meet that special person with whom you will spend your lifetime before realizing the importance of such specific medical tests, why not go for these medical tests now that you're probably single or have not met that special someone yet?

Whether you're a man or woman, you should unde…

Factors That Affect Mood And Mental Disposition

Most of us at one time or the other, have suffered mood swings. Although so many factors influence our minds and body everyday, it's still possible for you to control and take charge of your mood.

Ever woken up in a bad mood and you don't know why? It has happened ATLEAST 10 times to almost everyone! And any day you wake up in a bad mood, you end up over-stressing yourself and at the end going back home weak and angry.

I have researched and got you some, out of the many factors that influence our moods on a daily basis. Some of these factors are made up of our actions and engagements everyday of our lives. So, this means that we are partly responsible for how we feel and react to stimuli outside our environment. Now our reactions produce a response from the outside which again affect our emotions and mood either negatively or positively. It's like cyclic in nature!

1. Spending Time With Negative People
Did you know that negative moods are very contagious? It attaches to yo…

How to Stop Arguing With Your Spouse/Partner

Do you always argue or you are finding it difficult to discuss issues calmly with your partner? Does it feel as if you are always walking through a minefield in which any step could set off an explosive dispute? Or do you always feel this inner anger that makes you want to spill it all at any slightest provocation?

If this is the case, be assured that things can greatly improve and you will go back to having a blissful and romantic relationship with your partner, the way it used to be. But first, you need to find out why you and your partner argue so much.


Misunderstanding is the primary cause of arguments in any human relationship. Sometimes, your partner may say something to you but it may not come out the way he or she intended. Sometimes, it's the approach.

No matter how compatible you and your spouse may seem to be, your views on some matters may certainly differ. Why? Because no two persons are exactly alike—a fact that can add either variety or tension…

Why Is Everybody Complaining About Everything?

Everybody wants more and when they get more, they request for more.. Why?

I have been struggling to take this decision in life and that decision is to stop complaining about anything. But each time I think about this, I begin to complain unconsciously! 
This is ridiculous, right?

Life has presented to each and every one of us the opportunities to succeed and survive in our individual and respective endeavors. These opportunities are embedded with varying degrees of benefits and gains, but everyone wants more!

I have come to understand that everybody in Nigeria is a complainant, no matter the agency, parastatal, or organization where he or she works.

People complain about their work environment, welfare packages, incentives to work and meagre take home packages. And according to them, inflation rate is hitting the roof tops, thereby making it difficult for them to feed, shelter and properly take care of their families and attend to their immediate needs, hence the incessant strike actions…

Certificate Conscious Nigeria. How Far We Have Produced Graduate Dummies

I’d rather begin with a question.

Why do we go to school?

I and a couple of classmates had often asked ourselves these questions when we were in school. In fact, we had to throw the question to other students but we kept getting the same unfortunate answers. Also, in an online forum, I asked some students in a mature programme the same question and the answers were the same…

‘I just need the certificate to get a job or to be upgraded in my workplace!

It’s rather so unfortunate that in Nigeria, the certificate is valued far far more than the desire to acquire the requisite knowledge. Students no longer let the school system pass through them. Nobody wants education to penetrate and pass through them and this is the more reason we have millions of incompetent graduates roaming the streets of Nigeria in search of jobs.

Honestly, I don’t blame anybody who holds such views because the system has been designed to achieve just that. We have a system that places more value on a paper than the ac…