Why Is Everybody Complaining About Everything? Make Nigeria Great Again
Make Nigeria Great Again! 

Everybody wants more and when they get more, they request for more.. Why?

I have been struggling to take this decision in life and that decision is to stop complaining about anything. But each time I think about this, I begin to complain unconsciously! 

This is ridiculous, right?

Life has presented to each and every one of us the opportunities to succeed and survive in our individual and respective endeavors. These opportunities are embedded with varying degrees of benefits and gains, but everyone wants more!

I have come to understand that everybody in Nigeria is a complainant, no matter the agency, parastatal, or organization where he or she works.

People complain about their work environment, welfare packages, incentives to work and meagre take home packages. And according to them, inflation rate is hitting the roof tops, thereby making it difficult for them to feed, shelter and properly take care of their families and attend to their immediate needs, hence the incessant strike actions by professional and labour unions.

Everybody wants more, but no one wants to do more.

Now the question is this… ‘Is it possible to satisfy man’s insatiable needs?’ Just like Oliver Twist, they want more!

Unfortunately, I have not traveled neither have I lived outside the country, but I am aware that this does not happen elsewhere. Of course Nigeria and Nigerians imitate USA a lot. We adopt their system of government, select ways of life and other western cultures we think will serve our selfish purposes. But we have failed to imitate these two things that Americans are known for.

Contentment and Patriotism.
Greed and corruption have eaten deep into the country that we can do anything to gather enough money as possible…to the detriment of others.

We are our problem and we complain the more. We complain about poor salaries, epileptic power supply, bad roads, our educational system, security challenges and what have you. Sure, it is worth complaining about, but my question is this… Are you patriotic enough to begin this change from your own very little corner?

Do you still cut corners to get what you want?

Do you still dump dirt into waterways and gutters?

Do you still go to work at your own time because its government work?

Do you still leave the tap running and water wasting because its a public pump?

Do you still eat and throw waste and dirts from a moving vehicle?

Do you still inflate prices of goods and services because its government project?

Do you still blackmail and insult the government and our leaders in the name of freedom of expression?

Do you still indulge in the creation and circulation of hate speech?

Do you still say 'it serves them right' when Mosques are burnt and Muslims are killed because you think 'they deserve it'?

Do you still vandalize and sabotage government facilities and infrastructures because you feel it's the best way to express your grievances?

Do you still complain that the government which you are part of isn't doing well?

You need to start doing well yourself. You need to change.

This change begins with you.

Stop complaining and start complying, today!
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