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Intentional Bullying or Just Teasing: How It Affects Children and Students

Bullying is the use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something. Bullies are usually blustering, quarrelsome, and overbearing individuals who habitually badger and intimidate smaller or weaker people.

No one is born a bully, in fact, no one is born a victim either. However, as negative as the word bully sounds, the victim is equally a peril as the bully to society and themselves. Both ends of the stick have equal weight in the gravity of this pretty complex subject. There is a common denominator that gives premise to the bully and victim taking the role they take; the vulnerabilities or voids both are facing in their lives.


A bully usually has an aggressive personality with tendencies to react to situations with violence and control over their victims. They are not able to control their inhibitions and are older and stronger than their peers. They have little closeness and unity with their families, and because of lack of p…