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Do you know there’s a “Morning After” pill that protects against HIV? - Dr. Olu Funmilayo

'Yes, you heard me right. It’s called HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis'

A Nigeria medical doctor living and working in the UK, through his Twitter handle @DrOluFunmilayo recently tweeted a thread where he as our 'Our Fav Online Doctor' educated us about a drug course or treatment which can be taken immediately after having an unprotected s3x with a prostitute or a suspected HIV patient so as to prevent us from getting infected. He called it Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

Read the thread below:

If you just had a very risky unprotected s3x and you don’t want to get HIV, go to a hospital.

PS- It has to be within 72 hours of the s3x.
So What is PEP?

PEP stands for post-exposure prophylaxis. It means the act of taking antiretroviral medicines (ART) after engaging in an activity (like unprotected s3x, sharing needles etc) that can potentially expose a person to HIV.

The aim is to prevent becoming infected.
Who should take PEP?

You should go to a hospital and speak with a doctor abou…

God obviously told a Lie

"God obviously told a Lie"..
'I beg your pardon'.

The statement was made under her breath but it was quite audible to me.

"God lied, or He probably died"

She didn't as much as look up from her seated position as she spoke.

I stared at her. I could tell she was young, and relatively slim, though I couldn't see most of her features.

She had been sitting there before I came, and since then she had barely looked up from the paper in her hand.

'Ma'am, I do not think it is good to speak in such manner about God'

We were seated in a quiet park under the natural canopy created by trees which stood side by side on both sides.

The vision of the sun setting in the horizon was in one word, glorious.

A couple sat at a far end of the park, relaxing on the green carpet grass. They were obviously having their own love feast.

The evident serenity and beauty in the environment was the primary reason I always came to the park each time I wanted to rest an…