"God obviously told a Lie"..

'I beg your pardon'.

The statement was made under her breath but it was quite audible to me.

"God lied, or He probably died"

She didn't as much as look up from her seated position as she spoke.

I stared at her. I could tell she was young, and relatively slim, though I couldn't see most of her features.

She had been sitting there before I came, and since then she had barely looked up from the paper in her hand.

'Ma'am, I do not think it is good to speak in such manner about God'

We were seated in a quiet park under the natural canopy created by trees which stood side by side on both sides.

The vision of the sun setting in the horizon was in one word, glorious.

A couple sat at a far end of the park, relaxing on the green carpet grass. They were obviously having their own love feast.

The evident serenity and beauty in the environment was the primary reason I always came to the park each time I wanted to rest and reflect on the grace, magnitude and magnanimity of God.

It was purely paradoxical that someone would stay in this same environment and say apparently negative things about God.

I looked at the lady again. Then I noticed that the paper in her hand was gradually getting wet, being fed in droplets by the tears flowing from her eyes.

Without looking up, she continued her apparent soliloquy, though it was evident that the words were directed to me.

"It is not injustice to say a dead man is dead. God lied or He died"

Then gently she lifted her head, and as her eyes locked with mine, she said,"I have proof"

Looking at her directly, I was able to clearly see her features.

The word 'beautiful' did not adequately describe her. Her long black hair gently cascaded over her shoulders. The tears over her eyes left them with a watery look. It was like staring into an ocean. Her lips were full and though they looked a bit pale, they still fit perfectly between a beautifully pointed nose and a well set jaw.

Time passed but I was not aware of it.

"God is dead"... "I have proof".

I couldn't stop the re-echoing in my head. The echo however, did not stop me admiring the work of God which sat directly opposite me.

My eyes veered to the paper again. I knew that whatever proof she had was related to the paper in her hand.

I forced myself to smile. I'd been faced with a few challenges of my own but I figured it was more worthwhile believing that God was alive rather than dead.

'Dear, I don't mean to pry , but.. ", I struggled with the words. 'Do you feel like talking about it?'

I was at a loss. I reasoned to myself that if I could give her a listening ear, that would be a start. A problem shared they say, is half solved.

Without warning, she suddenly flung the paper at me and said,"I can't have children".

Then she went into a hysteric rage. She looked towards the sky and screamed,"I can't have children. You lied! You lied!! You promised me children. You lied!"

I was spellbound.

Then just as suddenly, she quietened down, and in less than a whisper, she muttered."You lied. You lied"

I picked the paper and stared at it. It was a medical report of some sort.

At the top was a beautifully crested logo of a well-known medical facility.

Medical doctors are generally said to have bad writings but looking at this report, I was forced to admit that some doctors' writings are definitely worse than others.

I managed to make out a few words here and there which gave me the impression of an inability to conceive due to a problem which had affected the two ovaries and fallopian tubes.

The lady was barren!

That was almost impossible to believe. How could this very beautiful lady be barren? Its amazing the pains people bear behind their beautiful smiles and charming facade.

I looked at the lady, who was still muttering to herself and rocking to and fro on the chair with a faraway look in her eyes.

Opening my mouth, I tried to speak, but the words failed me.

Not knowing what else to do, I stretched my hand, held her hand ever so gently, then closed my eyes and whispered two words,"Lord.... Help"

That was exactly a year ago.

The playful laughter of children brought me out of my reverie.

I looked at them. In circles they ran, round and round, shouting at the top of their voices, throwing a ball from one person to another. It was a beautiful sight.

They were about six in number, with ages ranging from 4 to 7 years.

As I watched them run around without a care in the world, I realized why Jesus loved children. There was no better definition of beauty and innocence than the smile and laughter of a child.

The parents of the children sat a little away from them. They were having their own fun, but it was nothing like that of the children. There were three couples in the group. One of the women was heavily pregnant. There was a glow round about her and she seemed to be the focus.

I felt good observing without being observed. It was generally relaxing.

Occasional bouts of laughter emerged from the group, but that carefree innocence of childhood was gone.

'Having children must be a really exhilarating experience', I thought, as I stared from the adults to the children.

Not having children on the other hand, an unimaginable agony.

My mind veered back to the beautiful lady I met exactly a year ago.

After I made that desperate outcry to God which in actual fact consisted of just two words, I just stayed, holding her hand while in my mind still asking God for help.

She was obviously beyond human intervention.

As I held her, a feeling of despair came over me. I knew that must have been the way she was feeling.

'Could God really change this situation?', my human mind pondered.

Unconsciously, the tears gathered in my own eyes.

I opened my mouth and repeated,"Lord.. Help".

It was a few minutes but it seemed like eternity. I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know what else to do.

Then gradually, I felt her hand withdrawing from mine.

I opened my eyes and noticed she was standing, looking at me. She was obviously getting ready to leave.

"Why do you trust Him?"

The question took me unawares. My mind reeled. There were a thousand and one answers, yet there was none.

"Tell me", she pleaded "Why should I trust Him?"

When I opened my mouth, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to tell her.

"My dear", I started,"What you have here, is a report. A report by a doctor who I have no doubt is a specialist at what he does."

My mind went blank. I opened my mouth again and continued.

"There are many reports. There is a Doctor's report, and there is God's report.

When you have two reports by two different authorities and they say the same thing, you are glad and assured. A matter is usually established in the mouth of two or more witnesses.

However, when two authorities give different reports, you need to inquire about the integrity of the persons. You need to find out their past histories and all. Then if possible, you need to bring in a third authority who becomes the tie-breaker."

I noticed I had her full attention although I didn't know what I was saying. I trusted God, opened my mouth and continued.

"Medical science has given you a report which is backed up by the things you have seen and experienced. The report says you cannot have children.

God's report however says you shall be a fruitful vine and that none shall be barren."

Then I pointed at her and said "You are the third authority. You are the tie-breaker. Whichever side you align yourself with will win.

Medical science is like a car mechanic. They try to fix and repair faults and many times they succeed. Every once in a while however, they encounter a problem that defies their knowledge.

God is like the car manufacturer. He can repair, but most times He doesn't bother with that. Every manufacturer has spare parts. When the problem is going to waste too much time repairing, all he needs to do is replace the faulty parts with new ones.

God can give you a whole new reproductive system"

There was silence...

Then I added," You read a medical report and called God a liar. You could have read God's report and called the medical report a lie".

Something hit my head.

There was a bout of happy laughter. One of the children had kicked the ball and it somehow found its way to where I was seated. The children were laughing and pointing at the guilty child who had the sorriest look I had ever seen.

I smiled , picked the ball and threw towards them.

The parents were looking in my direction. As I threw the ball, I waved at them. They all waved back, except the pregnant lady. She had a quizzical expression on her face.

I sat down and continued with my thoughts.

'God. Who is He? What is He? How big is He? How powerful? How Old? What are His limits? When is His end? Who created Him? Is there anything impossible with him?'

One could actually run mad just trying to comprehend God.

It was so much easier to believe that He is the beginning and the end. It was easier to believe that all things were made and are sustained by the word of His power. It was better to believe that He gives life to the dead and calls light out of darkness.

It wasn't just blind believing. All I had to do was look at the birds in the sky, the oceans and seas, the sun in the sky, and the light in the eyes of a baby.

The rustle of leaves nearby jolted me again. I opened my eyes and saw a lady standing directly in front of me.

It was the pregnant lady. The one with the glow around her.

I looked at her belly. I wondered how women managed that. The thought of life growing within another life was another pointer at the magnitude of God.

She smiled at me. It was a charming smile. One that revealed a nicely arrayed white set of teeth.

The smile was unnerving but I smiled back.

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There was something remotely familiar about her but I couldn't lay a finger on what it was.

"You do not recognize me?" She asked, still smiling.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but I'm not sure we've met before"

"About a year ago, I was here, sitting on the same seat where you seat now. You came and sat beside me"

Suddenly I knew what was familiar about her. The eyes, the nose and the jaw. I didn't really get a chance to see the teeth that day, but seeing them today made her even more beautiful.

I stood up and hugged her.

Then I looked at her big tommy and looked at her. My eyes were full of questions that my mouth couldn't find the right words to convey.

She obviously heard the questions my heart was screaming.

She put her right hand on her belly, closed her eyes and said "Twins. He gave me twins"

I was too dumbfounded to move. I couldn't utter a word.

She then opened her eyes and looked directly at me. There were tears in her eyes. However , this time, it was joyful tears.

With a slight quiver in her voice, she said "He's not dead". Then she looked towards the sky with the setting sun, and said "You didn't lie! They did".

She touched her tommy again and said "I have proof".

The End!

© Valentine Ikenna Oje
(Posted April 15, 2015 on Facebook)

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God does not lie!