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What You Should Do When Your Guy Checks Out An Attractive Woman

Do you think its right for women to scream at their guys for looking at other ladies even when scientifically proven that he can't help it?

Yes, he can’t help it.

I have this lovely story to tell you. Remember, it’s a TRUE STORY.

I was walking down the street with my beautiful girlfriend one evening. Then from nowhere, a lovely, beautiful, and sexy lady appeared. Unconsciously, just like it could happen to any guy out there, I checked her out by casually turning my head as she passed by. I was trying to play it off cool and not get caught. But, before I could even turn my head back, I knew I’d been caught. Yet, what happened next surprised me. I was totally swept off my feet!

Instead of feeling jealous or screaming at me, or out rightly walking away, my girl just asked.. “That woman was very attractive, isn’t she?”

My jaw almost hit the ground, and I had to clarify, “What did you say?”

“That woman was attractive, don’t you think so?” she repeated.

In a split seconds I had total…