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Suicide: You Have To Live To Win

"I felt like everybody was against me. There was no hope. All I needed was a way to escape this wicked world with wicked and uncaring people everywhere. I wanted to leave..."

Hold on, don't leave yet. There is hope for you.

For years, issues concerning mental health has been downplayed by Nigerians, and the government. We believe that anybody exhibiting signs of mental challenges has a spiritual problem. We have attached spirituality and diabolism to virtually everything concerning mental health.

The society itself has been bedeviled by people who would rather try to become famous through your problems instead of genuinely helping you.

People no longer care about people around them. All cases of depression and other psychological challenges have been erroneously linked to poverty.

Psychological challenges like depression, PTSD, phobia, etc, cannot be erased with money. People think that with money, all their problems are solved. I'd like to inform you that pove…