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Domestic Abuse Of Men By Women

Everybody is hung up on domestic abuse by men against women. Nobody spares a moment to find solutions to the equally devastating verbal abuse men suffer in the hands of their wives. It is worse because men can't discuss what their wives do to them for fear of scorn and derision. They suffer in silence. Time bomb.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian society has little or no support systems for this kind of situation. Little or no counselling services. These women are raising daughters. Their daughters are hearing and seeing how they speak to and treat their husband. What kind of wives will they grow up to become? Those that treat their husbands as kings or those that believe husbands are nothing but verbal punching bags?

We've all agreed and rightfully so that a man has no business hitting his wife. So how then do you stop a wife raining verbal missiles at you? Leave the house? Okay. But you'll return and it will continue. What next? Leave again? For how long?

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There Is No Substitute For Family. Create Time For Them. Don't Wait For The FUNERAL!

The popular saying 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' is significantly evident in the African society. We Africans live in a society where we work and slave all the days of our lives till death. A society bedeviled by poverty, corruption and greed, an insatiable people who choose to put money first before life, love and good health.

Africans will always try to imitate the whites who operate and live in a saner clime, but, we either do not imitate the right things or we just imitate half of the good ones. The world is embracing civilisation, but the African method of embracing civilisation is partial, selective and unfriendly to life and living.

Living and surviving in the African context means working from 07:00am to 10:00pm through the week without regard to love and good health which makes life worth living. I am talking about the African vacation.

The white man initiated casual and annual leave/vacation so that their staff or employees could have time for their…