The advent of Smartphones has made the world a global village where there is little or no restrictions to the flow of information that has been of tremendous help to humanity.

The ease with which information is accessed through Smartphones makes Java phones useless and an antiquity. Students can easily research using the internet over Smartphones. Businessmen and women sell and buy products online, marketers advertise their services, bloggers bring to us live news about happenings around us, articles on healthy lifestyle, morality, and other motivational posts are also accessed easily over Smartphones. Families and friends are united easily and love is found over the internet being facilitated with the use of Smartphones. Lives are also saved courtesy of the ease of messaging using application like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc over Smartphones.

All these can only be possible if you have data and the connection is switched on.

This writeup comes as an advise to my brothers and sisters who deliberately switch off their data connection because they dont want to be disturbed. Please i want you to change this habit. Lives have been saved because the person involved was able to quickly send messages and it was received by the other person. People have been in emergency situations and the only means of communication they have is through whatsapp or Facebook messenger which allows you chat even if you dont have data(On MTN network only)

Some businessmen have lost opportunities because they feel that the messages coming into their phones is a disturbance. Your own life can be saved by a single message on Whatsapp. All you have to do is to leave your data connection switched on so that you don't miss out.

For businessmen, nothing can be as annoying and discouraging as potential buyers sending you messages and enquiries about your product and you are not replying. It makes them feel like you are either not genuine or serious about your business.

Some people have this excuse that they switch off their data connection so as to preserve the battery. Why not get a strong powerbank to keep your phone on always?

In conclusion, according to my friend Ezeudo Charlescolee D Major, 'person wey dey find money no dey off data'