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See Why You Must Not Allow Your Child Visit Your Neighbour Alone(True Life Story)

Chai!...Wahala dey o. My ears don hear taya!

Just last night, my former school mate who lives in Enugu called to narrate an incident to me. When he finished the narration…I was just there, mute. I couldn’t immediately come up with an idea or an advice to give to him. Honestly, I don’t know what to tell him. That’s why I decided to bring it here, to hear your opinion.

The Story.

Chike, my firend is a very nice guy. He is very social, jovial and the killer of it all is that he is the husband to every young little kid along his street! He loves kids. He buys them gifts and even canes them when they misbehave, although, he does it out of love. These kids’ parents love Chike so much, especially the ones who sell beverages in front of their compound. In fact, if Chike needed to buy anything, we would just call the woman on the phone and she will send her little 10 Year Old daughter to bring whatever it is to ‘Uncle Chike’ On Sundays, whenever Chike cooks or his girlfriend is around, they coo…


A quintessential gospel artist, song writer and spirit uplifting evangelist. A wife and mother, Nenye who hails from Abia State Nigeria but married to a hubby from Enugu State Nigeria has a melodious voice and is an inspiration to younger gospel singers.

The track ABU M CHI is one of her melodious songs which just hit the airwaves and is trending worldwide! Worship God in a special way like never before and invoke God's presence in your homes, offices, in the vehicle and in the House of God.

... Abum chi, nke na enweghi mgbawe, ihem kwuru ga eme.. .. 🎢🎡🎷🎸
It is finally here.

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