Chai!...Wahala dey o. My ears don hear taya!

Just last night, my former school mate who lives in Enugu called to narrate an incident to me. When he finished the narration…I was just there, mute. I couldn’t immediately come up with an idea or an advice to give to him. Honestly, I don’t know what to tell him. That’s why I decided to bring it here, to hear your opinion.

The Story.

Chike, my firend is a very nice guy. He is very social, jovial and the killer of it all is that he is the husband to every young little kid along his street! He loves kids. He buys them gifts and even canes them when they misbehave, although, he does it out of love. These kids’ parents love Chike so much, especially the ones who sell beverages in front of their compound. In fact, if Chike needed to buy anything, we would just call the woman on the phone and she will send her little 10 Year Old daughter to bring whatever it is to ‘Uncle Chike’ On Sundays, whenever Chike cooks or his girlfriend is around, they cook food and call these kids to eat. After eating, they watch Nickelodeon and fall asleep on the floor only for their parents to come for them later. This is the relationship between Chike and kids.

But lately, my friend made a rather disturbing observation. Chike observed that each time, Blessing, the 10 year old girl comes to his house alone, she will always grab Chike, of course she gets to the waists. Sometimes she will reach out for Chike’s belt line. Chike had always seen it as probably a mistake or an unintentional act, so he waved it off.

But on Sunday, just yesterday, something happened which actually dawned on ‘Uncle Chike’ that the devil was actually after him. My friend came back from a mid afternoon outing. And as usual, the girl on sighting him from their shop rushed with screams of ‘Uncle Chike, Uncle Chike’ to embrace my friend. The absence of other younger kids suggested they were asleep. So Chike bought her biscuit and turned to leave but she opted to follow him to watch Nickelodeon. Chike, who didn’t need disturbance, asked her to stay but she insisted. Even the mother wanted her to leave so she could have her peace. So she followed Chike.

When they got inside, instead of going for the Tv and Remote as usual, she sat on the bed looking at Chike. Thinking she didn’t want to power the TV herself, Chike strode to the Tv, powered it and while it boots, you know DSTV, he dashed into the rest room to ease himself. While in there, he heard, ‘uncle, uncle’ and two hands wrapped him from behind when he wanted to zip his trouser. She used one hand to rub roughly over Chike's Private part area! Jeeezzzzz!!!. Chike flung her away furiously and surprised at her action. He warned her seriously and asked her to go watch the TV. She left, closely followed by Chike.

Back into the room, she sat on the floor but a surprised Chike lay flat on the bed thinking of what just happened. But all of a sudden, Blessing climbed unto his body, and this time around, she went straight to Chike's zippers again, bringing her mouth to the Zipper! saying 'uncle, uncle' A now more confused Chike flung her away, stood up and dragged her out of the room. She didn’t want to go. She was saying, ‘Uncle, Uncle, let me stay, let me stay....’ Chike successfully threw her outside and locked his door!!

Goshhhh…things can happen o… a girl of 10 years old. How did she learn all these? The answer is simple.

We as parents are gradually failing in our duties of bringing up our children in a godly way. We careless about what our children are exposed to, the friends they keep, and the things they watch online.

Do not be surprised that somebody in that 10-year old compound is doing to her what she wanted to do to my friend, Chike. Just imagine if my friend wasn't that disciplined.

The lesson here is that we need to brace up to our responsibilities of parents, teachers, uncles, sisters and brothers. And for parents/guardians, I'd advise you do not always allow your kids visit a neighbour alone or frequent a neighbour's house. You wouldn't know what is happening unt your child get sexually abused and may even be left to die.

Is there anything you think my friend did wrong on that day? Let us hear in the comments section.

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