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How can you manage fights in a relationship?

No relationship can be said to be perfect. As long as there are two different persons with different attitudes, behaviour and even background, there is bound to be at least, once a in a while, little misunderstandings. So, we are here to help outline possible ways of managing these misunderstandings and fights so that you can enjoy your relationship. Follow the steps below.

1. Relax.

Most times when you’re triggered, especiqlly in the middle of a misunderstanding, you may begin to experience increased arousal, as if you are heating and boiling up. This is whenvsome devilish inner voices will begin to tell you to destroy things like lashing out at your partner or even hitting your partner.

Do not be propelled by your impulses to respond. Your Response should be by calming yourself down, maybe by taking a series of deep breaths or counting back from 10.

You can get a hold of these moments and learn to pause. For example, you can choose between intimating and violating, between addressi…