A medical doctor on Twitter known as Aproko Doctor has clarified an age long myth about convulsion and how to manage it. The usual practice has been to put spoon in between the person's teeth to prevent him or her from dying. But contrary to this old view, Aproko Doctor is actually of the view that doing that endangers the person's life. 

According to him, all convulsions end by themselves. He emphasised that the only role we have to play is to ensure that the victim doesn't hurt themselves as we watch other him or her. 

This is what he wrote on Twitter. 

I saw someone arguing on the TL that his mother saved a person's life with palm oil or spoon when the person was convulsing. She could have killed a person. 

I have seen it happen before In most seizures, the person is unconscious and that's bad practice. 

Let me explain how. 

In your throat are two pipes, one leading to the lungs that exchange air and the other to the stomach for food. They both have a common entrance at the back of your throat. 

There is a flap on the pipe that is over the pipe that sends air to the lungs called the epiglottis It stops food or water from getting to the lungs. That is why when you swallow and talk at the same time food tends to enter that causes you to cough. That cough is simply trying to remove the particles of food that may have entered your windpipe You can't stop it till it's clear. 

When a person is unconscious, they don't have this reflex, food forced into the throat can enter the lungs The lungs are not made for food, so food particles will cause a reaction in the lungs. Can lead to a form of pneumonia called aspiration pneumonia. 

Now we have that part covered, most seizures will end by themselves. You don't even have to do anything except make sure the person does not hurt him or herself in the process of convulsing. 

What NOT TO do? 

1. Don't put anything in the mouth of a convulsing person 

What to do 

Lay them on one side, preferably their left side 

Remove tight clothing eg belts, ties Take them away from danger, exposed wires, fire etc 

Time the episode, if it lasts longer than 5 minutes take them to a hospital. 

So my friend, whether your mum did anything or not, most seizures would end on their own. She might have placed a life at risk by doing that. 

You can tell her this because young mothers might look up to her for advice and end up hurting their own children. 


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