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Why I still feel guilty six months after my marriage.

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Can we talk about marriage and how everything about marriage is a deep show of love? There is a great lesson I've learnt in life, and that was after my marriage. Humanity and mother earth supports everyone who is aiming for greater and better heights.
Marriage is love and was ordained by God Almighty to unite, build, increase and bring about love amongst his people, his children.
Its six months after my marriage and I can't stop feeling guilty.
I feel guilty because I dont think I have been able to appreciate enough, everyone who came to support me, to make this possible. 
Humanity saw that I was aiming for greater heights, mother earth understood that I've made up my mind, and she brought in her troupe of Angels who rallied round to make this dream, a reality.
That 'guilt' you feel for not reaching out or appreciating enough what 'good' has been done to you, is a manifestation of the love made possible by marriage. 
Your church keeps prayi…

Writer reveals how glorification of single parenthood is going to put Nigerians in big trouble

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Glorification of single parenthood and liberalisation of marraige values is going to put us in big trouble in this country.

One of the factors that has affected African Americans till date.

While illegitimacy rate ( children born in welfare single parenthood) is above 70%
in the black communities in the USA. And has in turn returned double digits poverty rates amongst African Americans.

Poverty rate has never been above single digits in black married families since 1964.

The black families encounter the same "racist" environments and people.
But somehow it has not led to poverty in the same proportions that it has for for those children who grew up in single parent homes. The reason for this is that the values are different, children who have the care and attention of both parents grow up better socialised,
they have different values and it has helped most of them (per statistics in comparison to those raised in single parenthood) to stay ahead of…

10 simple daily habits that will change your life for good

There are some simple and basic daily lifestyles that are often not taken serious, but are fundamental to your wellbeing as an individual. 
Some people actually think that changing their lives is something that requires a total overhaul of every aspect of their lifestyle. But we are here to make you believe that living a healthy, stress free and clean life does not require even huge capitals. All that is needed are simple daily routine of positive and life changing habits. 
Just like habits are formed gradually, changing them may not be as simple as we mentioned above but with focus and commitment, you'd at the end, appreciate all efforts you made towards your achieved goal. 
Over time, these seemingly small habits become ingrained in your routine, and sometimes may even become second nature. Small as they may be, their benefits to the mind, body, and psyche of an individual are not to be underestimated. 
Herein are ten habits you should form to transform your life for the better.