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Can we talk about marriage and how everything about marriage is a deep show of love? There is a great lesson I've learnt in life, and that was after my marriage. Humanity and mother earth supports everyone who is aiming for greater and better heights.

Marriage is love and was ordained by God Almighty to unite, build, increase and bring about love amongst his people, his children.

Its six months after my marriage and I can't stop feeling guilty. 

I feel guilty because I dont think I have been able to appreciate enough, everyone who came to support me, to make this possible. 

Humanity saw that I was aiming for greater heights, mother earth understood that I've made up my mind, and she brought in her troupe of Angels who rallied round to make this dream, a reality.

That 'guilt' you feel for not reaching out or appreciating enough what 'good' has been done to you, is a manifestation of the love made possible by marriage. 

Your church keeps praying for you. The priest makes sure you are totally 'detached' from the 'UNLOVE' in you to qualify your entrance into this Holy Matrimony as ordained by God.

Friends will rally round, constitute a committee to financially and morally support your marriage.

Brothers, sisters, uncles, colleagues and relatives turn themselves into wedding organizers and errand men and women, just to show you love because marriage is love.

Your elder brothers and sisters are at your beck and call. They tolerate the fact that you are screaming at them amidst the mounting tension. They understand, they tolerate. Tolerance is love.

Families embark on series of prayers, fasting and vigils praying and appealing to God for His support even as you fulfil what He has ordained.
Alert begins to enter. Sister NK, N50k, bro Gozie, 100k, oga john, 20k and so on. Gifts begin to pour in.

Humanity is happy with you. mother earth is happy with you.

At the end, a powerful surge of love is already built in you. Its this consciousness that makes you look bak and appreciate the support you received. That great show of love. The beautiful network of friends you have created. And the links and phone numbers that freely exchanged as a result of this divine encounter 😝

Covid-19 has altered our impression about the show of love. We used to gather at the beer parlours, drinking and sharing experiences. Thats love. 

We chant and fight at the viewing centres supporting our different football clubs. That was a great socialization and a way of easing out stress. 

We do not forget the gathering of the faithful in the House of God. We sing, dance, pray and share testimonies of God's great works in our lives. That was worshipping our God. A divine obligation.

But now, its an act of 'terrorism' when you shake hands or hug friends let alone go out without face masks.

The love in us can never be supressed by anything. Not even the deadliest of all diseases. 

Even as you observe social distancing, please do not distant your heart from each other. Pray for your brother. Help a sister. Reach out to the homeless, petty traders. 

Let us channel the love in us towards making another person happy.