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Glorification of single parenthood and liberalisation of marraige values is going to put us in big trouble in this country.

One of the factors that has affected African Americans till date.

While illegitimacy rate ( children born in welfare single parenthood) is above 70%
in the black communities in the USA. And has in turn returned double digits poverty rates amongst African Americans.

Poverty rate has never been above single digits in black married families since 1964.

The black families encounter the same "racist" environments and people.
But somehow it has not led to poverty in the same proportions that it has for for those children who grew up in single parent homes. The reason for this is that the values are different, children who have the care and attention of both parents grow up better socialised,
they have different values and it has helped most of them (per statistics in comparison to those raised in single parenthood) to stay ahead of the pile.

Another study was done in America and Europe and it found that in 5 children households, the firstborns were statistically
more likely to do better than the rest of the children, same trend repeated in 4, 3 children households. It was concluded that the reason for this is that parents paid more attention to raising the first child than they did the rest.
Another study I think in Germany also concluded that twin children comparatively had lower IQs comparatively to single children and what accounts for this is that neither of them got the full attention of the parents. The study further went on to say that for twins which one of
them had died as an infant or child. The IQ of the remaining child quickly caught up to the rest of the sample mean in the rest of the population.

In conclusion, it means.

- Families are important when raising children.
- The attention paid to children while raising them
also plays a very huge role in the development of the child.

It is this facts that has helped children in married black families hold more wealth than those in single parent homes.

The family structure and values is very important and the lessons for us in this remains.
- Stop glorifying single parenthood.
- Stop the cultural legitimisation of it. - Pay attention to children as much as possible as they grow and develop.
- Both parents are needed to properly socialize children.
- Stop the importation of American culture without considering its
adverse effects.

And that thing that the older generation always believed in " Staying married for the children." It is valid and backed up by scientific data.

America has done a lot of great things but destroying family values is not one of them. We should copy the good ones.

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