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How to flatten protruding 'beer bellies' through dieting and exercise by Dr. Joe Abah

"Beer is a killer. It is no surprise that protruding stomachs are called “beer bellies.” If you must drink alcohol, go for spirits like brandy and whiskey"


The king of Baby Boys himself, Dr Joe Abah, an expert in governance and institutional reform, the only one whose knowledge of the law is RUSTY. He does not sit on the fence. He is THE FENCE! The fence between sense and nonsense.

Dr Joe has some simple tips that would help young men overcome protruding tummy.

According to him, as you get older, one of the biggest physical battles you’ll have as a man is to keep your tummy flat. Most things you read will tell you that you can’t reduce your stomach without losing weight. True. But what if you are slim? How do you avoid the middle age paunch?

If you are slim and have a protruding tummy, you have a special problem. You will look like a kwashiorkor yoot. If you have grey sparse facial hair, you’ll look like a poor man that drinks too much. People will expect you to ge…

20 ways to protect yourself from rapists

When attacked by rapists, most women try as much as they can to resist, an author and researcher, the late Prof Sue Lees, wrote in TheGuardianUK in 2000.
"In my survey, I found women did this in all sorts of ways: by screaming, fighting and biting, running away, refusing to cooperate, pretending they were pregnant or had AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and by attempting to reason,” she said.
Lees, whose research works focused on the injustices of the legal system towards rape victims, said at times, resisting worked for some rape victims while at times it didn’t.

“Much depended on where the assault took place. Most rapes are planned and rapists are careful to isolate their victim first. Resisting may be effective where there is an escape route but in an underground car park or deserted spot, or where faced with an assailant much stronger than oneself, it may not be practicable or sensible,” she said.
Of recent, rape has been a topic widely discussed in the country due to t…