"Beer is a killer. It is no surprise that protruding stomachs are called “beer bellies.” If you must drink alcohol, go for spirits like brandy and whiskey"


The king of Baby Boys himself, Dr Joe Abah, an expert in governance and institutional reform, the only one whose knowledge of the law is RUSTY. He does not sit on the fence. He is THE FENCE! The fence between sense and nonsense.

Dr Joe has some simple tips that would help young men overcome protruding tummy.

According to him, as you get older, one of the biggest physical battles you’ll have as a man is to keep your tummy flat. Most things you read will tell you that you can’t reduce your stomach without losing weight. True. But what if you are slim? How do you avoid the middle age paunch?

If you are slim and have a protruding tummy, you have a special problem. You will look like a kwashiorkor yoot. If you have grey sparse facial hair, you’ll look like a poor man that drinks too much. People will expect you to get angry for no reason, out of frustration.😊

Some health warnings first. I am not a medical doctor. My own doctor is Doctor of Philosophy. Please check whetever I say next with your medical doctor. I only speak from experience as the King of Baby Boys. Like the medical doctors rightly say, you need to reduce your weight.

Once you’ve done that, try to avoid sugar and limit your alcohol intake. Sugar just sits in your lower tummy. Avoid fizzy drinks like Coke. Be very careful with fruit juice, especially those that say “juice drink”, rather than 100% fruit juice. Take juice only in the mornings.

Beer is a killer. It is no surprise that protruding stomachs are called “beer bellies.” If you must drink alcohol, go for spirits like brandy and whiskey. Drink it neat and don’t mix it with Coke, Fanta, Sprite or anything else. Exercise regularly and make sure you keep fit.

As you get older, you’ll lose muscle mass. Try and do more resistance training: weights, push ups and pull ups. Leg exercises like squats and lunges help to keep your tummy flat. Crunches and stomach exercises are useless if you are not doing other sensible things.

By doing crunches, you can be strengthen your stomach muscles without losing the fat belt around your middle. Strengthen your core, avoid sugar, fizzy drinks and beer. Also, try and stand up straight. Bad posture can also lead to a “poverty paunch.”

You need to continue working at it constantly o. Just two weeks of sedentary living can see your tummy shoot out. Even when you can’t go to the gym, you can use your body weight for resistance training by doing push ups and leg raises. It is not easy but nothing good comes easy.

Finally, Dr. Joe invited his favourite medical doctors, @aproko_doctor, @DrOlufunmilayo, @Richtyns, @NaijaFlyingDr, and @DrGeeONE to advise us further and better. .

In response, @aproko_doctor,tweeted, saying..

"Everything written here is sound advice.

Simple and succinct.

To every young man who has not yet fallen victim of a potbelly, here are a few things you should never do.

To those who have it already, here is good advice for you as well.

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