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The question that kept running through my mind and I believe the same was the case in the minds of some of these ladies was “When is he going to come?” There are ladies that heard the “Mr Right is on the way” story when they were 27 years old, now they are 33 and he hasn’t arrived yet. So when is he going to finally arrive? When they’ve clocked 40?.

See the reasons why ‘good’ girls remained single while ‘bad’ girls got married Saturday after Saturday.

1. An Entitlement Mentality

Some good girls think life or the world owes them something for being good. Just because they “kept” themselves, they sometimes think it is an automatic ticket to finding a good man.

2. Lack of Self Improvement

Some good girls don’t improve themselves. The message of being a ‘virtuous woman’ has robbed some good girls of intelligence. They have specific topics they talk about and respond to.

When you go to a gathering of some good girls, you will hardly find them discussing highly intellectual stuff. Engage some of them in discussions on politics, finance, business, and you will find that they are mostly ignorant in some of these areas. But when it comes to discussions on how to be consistent in your prayer and word life, or becoming a virtuous woman, they are good. No man wants a dull lady in his life.

3. Packaging Sense

Many good girls don’t have Packaging Sense. If only they knew that good men are drawn by what they see too. And this has nothing to do with nudity. No matter how exceptional a lady’s character may be, it will have to be ‘marketed’ in a beautifully and properly packaged container for most men to see. It is beauty first before character.

In a bid to be “spiritual”, some good girls lose their femininity. It is good to engage in spiritual activities to grow in God, but when those activities begin to take away the feminine touch from a lady, and makes her look like a man, it is not good. No man wants to marry another man.

Even a Pastor wants a lady with her femininity alive; nice makeup, good shape, sweet smell, nice hairdo, cool dress sense, etc. Don’t you see their wives? Some good girls fail to keep their femininity alive. They’ve been deceived by the “character is all that matters” saying, which is not entirely true. In most cases it is beauty first before character.

4. Overfamiliarity

Many good girls don’t know that a close male friend could be a potential husband. Many often say they can’t marry their friends. “He’s just a friend” they say. Who else should be a partner if not a friend turned lover? There are many good girls with good male friends in their lives but they prefer to keep them in the ‘friend zone’ even when it’s obvious that these guys like them.

They ‘friend-zone’ these guys and keep praying that God sends them ‘Mr Right’. And while they are praying to God to send their life partners to them, He is waiting for them to recognise the one He positioned in their lives disguised as friends.

5. The Principle of Respect

Relationship principles have no respect for anyone. No matter who you are, good or bad, the consequences of violating relationship principles still apply.

Deep in the heart of men is a longing to be RESPECTED. Ladies also want to be respected but it’s a whole different thing for men.

A lady may sometimes ignore it or not take it as a big deal when she’s disrespected but a man will never ignore it. It is a big deal to him. Funny thing is, things that communicate disrespect to men are little; the way a lady talks and responds to him, and the way she handles things that matter to him.

While so many good girls violate this principle to their detriment, some bad girls use it as a master tool to keep men glued to them.

6. Zero Social life

Many good girls don’t know that good guys are not living in the same room with them. They don’t have a social life. They need to go out so that the good guys can see them. Good guys are not only found in churches or church programs. They can also be found at events, youth summits, talk shows, etc.

7. High Standards

Most times good girls have high standards. They have a specific kind of man they are looking for. “He must be God fearing, responsible, rich, good looking, and have a cool dress sense. He should also know how to treat a girl right.” The only person with all these qualities the first time you meet him is Jesus Christ.

There is no perfect man out there. A man will hardly show up having all these qualities at the initial stage. He will come having some. Sometimes a good girl might have good guys coming around but because she doesn’t see ALL the qualities she wants in them at the same time, she turns them down.

8. The ‘Runs Girl’ Mindset

Most men fall for ‘runs girls’ or ladies with a ‘runs girl’ mindset. A ‘runs girl’ mindset helps a lady understand that pleasing a man is a priority. A runs girl takes her time to understand the psychology of men and ways of pleasing them. While a ‘good’ girl is waiting for a man that will please her and meet her needs, a ‘bad’ girl focuses on pleasing the man and meeting his needs. Because if she succeeds, he will in turn meet her needs.

This is basically how the ‘runs girl’ life works. She needs money so she takes her time to look attractive, and also make men go ‘gaga’ with her sexual energy and exploits in bed. The men in return shower her with money and gifts.

Many good girls don’t have the mindset of a ‘runs girl’. I am not saying good girls should become runs girls. I am simply saying they should have their mindset; get to know how men think, understand their psychology and know their needs.

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