As we all know, attitude is everything and its the word of the alphabets that equals 100%.

I know of a man who talks boldly and highly, he can so boast of himself, his dreams, visions and aspirations even though he has nothing and doing anything to get to those goals he has set for himself. 

He does this to the extent that people who had it in mind to help him will no longer do so because they will conclude that he even has more than them so why should they give him help. He got a job but gossip, and offensive character made him lose it, he learns a trade, was very good at it, but when he gets a contract, he does it haphazardly and trivializes it, saying that he needs contracts in millions and boasts of all he will do when he gets it and this attitude made him loose customers and recommendations.

This man is married with children, his wife struggles to make ends meet, in fact, i envy her high level of patience, trust and hope in God for better days. Her life is a true example of 'for better for worse' . I continually pray for God’s continuous strength for her.

This man’s true life story inspired Omale to write this article Ten Attitudes to Work That Works. I hope it inspires and motivates us to become better in our work in God’s house, our places of work and our personal businesses. 

The Attitude of Love for your Family

The Bible emphasizes that love covers a multitude of sins, so if you truly love your family, you will put your best into what you do and love it, even though you don’t love it, so long as it puts food on your family’s table and it pays your bills. See this present one as the best and treat it so until you get the best knowing that some able bodied men and women are out there without this opportunity, so we need to be grateful. Doing this can even get you a promotion and recommendations which means more money and happiness in your home. Even the good book says, money answers all things as long as it is a genuine and honorable job or business.

The Attitude of Integrity

Integrity is the bedrock of every man or business success. Have you ever wanted to know the truth of a matter or an event, and someone says, go ask Mr so and so, he will tell you the truth, that means that person has formed a strong image for himself that will definitely stand the test of time and always remember that a good name is worth more than the costliest rubies.

If you are able to build that reputation of integrity for yourself, you can earn the trust of people easily and that can catapult you to unimaginable heights, you become a commander and a leader automatically, you become an ambassador of truth, you can even be put in charge of great resources and made a head in your place of work. In business for example, you are into buying and selling, and we all know we have two kinds of goods in the market, the genuine and the fake, but you choose to buy the genuine goods even though it might be a bit costly, you go ahead to stock your shop with them, just to keep your integrity, the truth is customers are willing to to pay a little bit more as long as it is the real deal, you will flourish as your customers will be totally loyal to you and spread the news like wild fire, they become your advertisers. But remember how you got there and don’t allow wrong advice and evil association influence you as you may loose all you have worked for and nobody will ever believe or respect you again.

The Attitude of Humility

You must be ready to put on the ever winning character of humility both to God and man. You must guard against pride. I have seen very humble people become proud and arrogant when they are lifted, and i am sure you have seen one or two such people too. Some even turn their backs completely on God, the truth is that every new level attracts a new devil. So there’s need to be watchful and examine your words, deeds and actions at all times because it’s easier to win a sinner to Christ than getting a backslider back to the fold. There is wisdom in being humble.

The Attitude of Commitment and Diligence

When you are committed to anything in life, you are bound to get great results, it may take some time but you will definitely get the rewards, give your best at all times, no matter the situation you find your self, even though you have not been promoted or rewarded for your hard work, do not become slack and bitter, keep the fire burning like when you just got employed, i assure you people are watching, don’t be jealous when others are promoted, the management might just be keeping the best position for you. Always remember, Promotion comes from God.