Today, we'll be talking about life. Life's expectations. Dreams, goals,. How these expectations have affected both positively and negatively, the behaviour of every human being on earth.

Your mood most times, or your mental state most times, depends on what you are expecting what you are dreaming of, the goals you want to reach and the heights you want to attain,and the measures you put in place to make sure they become reality.

You are even in a better mood, or you are even in a better state of mind and its assumed you are doing well in life when you see the measures you put in place bringing the desired expectations.

But one thing you must understand is that most of the time, almost all the time, these things we're expecting do not happen the way we want them to happen. These things, these goals, these heights we want to reach, most times they take a different dimension. Most times they don't even come at all. And some other times, we do better than we are even expecting.

This is life.

Sometime you pray.. you pray to God, I want it to be this way I want it to be that way, and along the line something happens. Its either you make a mistake or someone who is involved in the issue makes a mistake, or something just happens that'd destabilise all the plans you made. And when these things happen, they bring us so low mentally, psychologically, even physically. It shows on you. You take it too hard on yourself. You make it look like you are in charge of this universe and anyhow you want things to be, that's how things should be. But it is not like that.

You'd always get disappointed at one point or the other. But what is important to me, and the message i want to communicate to you is that we shouldn't take these disappointments as being unique to us. They are not unique to us. People fail out there. You never know. People make efforts and they fail and they don't kill themselves. They are spurred to even making better efforts. They are pushed to even doing better. But others take it so personal and they think its one eehhm some village people from the village or one enemy of theirs who is.. I'm not saying those things are not possible. They may be happening, but majority of these disappointments don't come from spiritual attacks. They come from the fact that nature does not permit it to 'come'. And who is nature? God!

God is nature. So if he says it's not going to happen, you keep making efforts. Then He might decide, okay, it will not happen this, but it should happen that way. In that case, there is a little change in your expectations, but the destination will always be success! Just follow it. Yeah. 

You know the Bible says that the thoughts God has for us are thoughts of good, to bring unto us, an expected end. Well, most times, it is not usually our expected end, but for the fact that He knows what is best for us, He chooses the expected end for everybody. God Himself chooses the expected end for everyone. And you just have to find out what God expects to see you turn out, who God expects you to be, what he expects you to do.. 

When you realise that this life we are living is not ours, you'd pipe low and enjoy yourself. 

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