A mum has said her husband is demanding she apologises after a baby scan revealed she was expecting a girl - leaving him upset because he "likes boys more"

The husband said he was "disappointed" by the results of the scan (Image: Hero Images)
The husband said he was "disappointed" by the results of the scan (Image: Hero Images)

A woman has been told to "plan an exit" after saying her husband would not accept that she had no control over the sex of their unborn baby.

She says they already have a two-year-old boy and recently went for an ultrasound where she was "so excited" to discover their second child will be a little girl.

Her husband "acted cold and went silent until we got in the car looking like he was going to cry" but denied it had anything to do with the gender reveal.

He eventually "broke down" and admitted he was disappointed it was a girl and said the ultrasound "clearly got it wrong as he doesn't think he'll be able to handle it".

The expectant mum said: "He lashed out at me, asking me to be a little understanding because he likes boys more and would prefer a son over a daughter, and blamed me for this.

"I yelled at how unreasonable he sounded, how could I ever be responsible for the baby gender I wouldn't know?

"I shamed him for what he said and told him since this is how he thinks then he didn't deserve to be a dad."

She added: "Does that mean that when his daughter is born [she] will be treated as a disappointment, and be reminded when she grows up?"

Taking to Reddit, she said her husband keeps demanding an apology but she refuses as she "owes him nothing".

Others said the situation threw up a 'mountain of red flags' as one wrote: "Was he absent in biology class? Males determine the sex of the baby. If he wants to assign blame, then it’s all on him. He’s an awful person for a reaction like this."

The mum replied to say that she had tried to explain but he wouldn't accept "that I had no power nor control over this".

Another wrote: "This is awful, take your kids and go to your mothers'. Plan an exit. You don't want your son to grow up thinking these things."

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Source: MirrorUK

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