Certificate Conscious Nigeria. How Far We Have Produced Graduate Dummies

I’d rather begin with a question.

Why do we go to school?

I and a couple of classmates had often asked ourselves these questions when we were in school. In fact, we had to throw the question to other students but we kept getting the same unfortunate answers. Also, in an online forum, I asked some students in a mature programme the same question and the answers were the same…

‘I just need the certificate to get a job or to be upgraded in my workplace!

It’s rather so unfortunate that in Nigeria, the certificate is valued far far more than the desire to acquire the requisite knowledge. Students no longer let the school system pass through them. Nobody wants education to penetrate and pass through them and this is the more reason we have millions of incompetent graduates roaming the streets of Nigeria in search of jobs.

Honestly, I don’t blame anybody who holds such views because the system has been designed to achieve just that. We have a system that places more value on a paper than the ac…

Over-Protection: How I Almost Killed My Daughter

Nobody learns by isolating himself and refusing to associate or relate with others in his environment. Kids have higher tendency of learning real fast because of their age. But the ability for a child to acquire experience which will translate into learning depends on his or her social interactions.

Social interactions help young children to start developing tthat sense of self, and also learn what others expect of them. Sending your kids to school exposes them to the social interactions they require to grow. But, interactions within a formal or educational environment is not just enough to adequately enhance a child's learning. Children should be exposed to their mates, fellow children from other backgrounds and families in the neighbourhood /compound. Allow them to play together even though they should be monitored.

Here is a true life story.

Mrs Shola is a civil servant. She leaves her workplace about 1330hours to pick her three kids from the school and takes them home. Her …

You Are Not Forgotten

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you, you that doesn’t understand half the stuff that God has put you through. You that is wondering and asking if you are in this mess because you haven’t been faithful? You that’s wondering if your faith has wavered? You that’s studying His Word but still wondering why things are not turning out right. You that’s experiencing unfulfilled longings, unrequited initiatives, unanswered prayers, unrealized aspirations, deferred hopes, and incomplete understandings to your situation.

If I could tell you one thing today, it would be: Don’t base your happiness upon what you have or don’t have. Enjoy your life and Good or bad, trust God. Be encouraged and be strengthened. Struggles will come your way in different shapes and sizes but don’t lose hope. Stand firm and trust God in that situation. Trust Him in that marriage and on that job — He is your stronghold. If you’re in a blessed mess today, trust Him for your times — they are in His hands. He might have all…

7 Signs Your Partner Does Not Love You

When myself and a couple of friends, initiated a Facebook group, Daily Moods, we had a focus, we had a direction. We were primarily concerned about our daily moods, how it affects our daily routine and activities.
Our aim is to discuss these moods, to share these moods and make it easier and less cumbersome for you.

I must say, we have not deviated. We have only moved it higher and that’s why this particular post is categorized under….Daily Moods. Thank God for this consistency.
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Many people mistake initial connection and infatuation with love which is why many relationships break up faster than they are formed. This four letter word means different things to different people but can be demonstrated.

These are a few signs you must look out for in order to confirm if your partner really loves you. 
1. You are embarrassed by your partner in public:

You do not like to step out in public with your partner and are constantly embarrassed by anything they do or say…

Tips To Help You Overcome Depression

Following the mail sent to me earlier today by Martin, i had to sit and think about depression and the devastating effect it has on our ability to function normally in the society and to relate well with people around us.

I discovered that many persons attract enmity, hatred and disregard to themselves probably as a result of their mental disposition which normally may be no fault of theirs. It is equally possible that these issues are just minor, but the singular fact that we take them to heart and nurse them so well, it has graduated and dominated every activity around us.

Consequently, i deemed it necessary to research more and bring to you some simple pragmatic steps which will help you manage your depressive moods.

Here are some tips from my research and experience that may help, although I would suggest seeing somebody (counselor) even if it's just to talk with an impartial professional or a superior in the work place.

1: Walk: Lots of it. And any other form of exercise. Any…

Why Everyone Should Be In A Relationship

Few days ago, I found myself struggling to counsel a young lady about relationships. I was very blunt with her. Despite the fact I know I may not qualify to counsel anyone on relationships, but some things are glaringly obvious. The problem is that we find it difficult to accept the truth; even when it's staring us in the face. Too bad. 
Just like Jimoore, my friend would say, people go into relationships for various reasons. Some for pecuniary motives, while others seek emotional comfort and stability. That settles it.

I made a recent observation amongst young ladies and I discovered that majority of our women go into relationships hoping that sooner or later, they might settle down with the man(get married) And if this is not forthcoming, they dive into emotional trauma and begin to hate all men.  Personally speaking, I think this is a very wrong notion about what relationships should be.

In a relationship, in as much as there are frictions, and misunderstandings amongst partne…

How To Quench The Fire Of Your Anger

The feeling of anger is part of human being. It is a normal and healthy emotion which is part of our default settings. No human being no matter how kind and softhearted would not feel angry or hurt at one time or the other. We get angry when we are unfairly treated, frustrated, deceived, attacked or disappointed.

Anger is not necessarily a bad emotion. In fact, when we feel angry, it helps us identify things that hurt us which in turn motivate us to make changes. In some cases, it also helps us stay safe and defend ourselves in dangerous situations by giving us a burst of energy to either fight or flee in self defence.

Anger only becomes a problem when we get out of control and harm ourselves, people around us or objects. You get out of control by expressing your anger in a destructive or unhelpful behaviour. Some of these unhelpful behaviours include:

1: Outward Display of Aggression and Violence: This includes shouting, slamming doors, destroying or throwing objects or in the fo…

How Mouth Odour Affects Your Self-Esteem/Confidence

The most embarrassing question anybody would ask you is "do you have mouth odour?" I believe you'd never want to wait for that moment when people will avoid coming close to you because of the killer odour oozing out from your mouth!

I have experienced this and I know how embarrassed I was but I thank God for that bold and loving Angel who summoned courage to tell it to my face. If not, I would still be going about as a big boy unknown to me that I was spreading my dragon breathe around ignorantly and foolishly.

We will treat this subject from a practical-life-experience perspective so that it relates to what you see and experience around you.

Have you ever cautioned yourself about moving or speaking close to someone because you know they will perceive the killer odour from your mouth? If you have,then, this is the psychological angle we will be treating. The loss of self confidence/esteem due to mouth odour.

I can vividly remember the day my girlfriend told me that I h…

Public Speaking Challenges, And How To Tackle It

Just like people fear contracting diseases,fear of darkness, and/or fear of dying,the fear associated with speaking in the public or before an audience is one that greatly threaten youths,especially students between ages 18 and 28, and even higher in some countries according to statistics.

At one time or the other in your life,you may have the need to stand before an audience to air your views on policies and programmes. As a student,you should be conversant with this as you are expected to present your assignments or researches before your classmates. On the other hand,you will also at one time or the other, stand before professors to defend your project.

Whether you are a student or not, its time you embrace the realities on ground. You dont have to wait for an upcoming presentation before you start grooming and preparing yourself. This brings us to the major determinant of one's performance at public speeches. This is anxiety.

I'm sure that you may have experienced both pr…

Why Youths Love Social Media

It is important to understand the relationship between social media and youths.

As humans, we are bound to conversation and connection. These forms of interaction have also evolved during the last few years and we have found ways to meet communication needs differently than our ancestors had – that is social media through the Internet. Although our modern times are highly technological, these online ways of interacting are not likely to replace the constant need for love, communication, and connection with each other.

Youths are using the latest technologies to enhance communication and express their feelings. The Internet has become the greatest communication tool and has changed the way we used to interact in the past. Social media allows youths to interact with each other all over the world instantly.

Why Social Media and Youths
The Internet makes it possible for us to connect with loved ones, and even strangers, from all over the world, at any time of day or night. While conne…

The danger of the moment by Okey Nwande

Okey Nwande is a prolific writer who exposes ills of the society through his well articulated articles with the aim of correcting them.

Here is another beautiful masterpiece titled ‘Danger of the Moment’

He begins...
Euphoric excessiveness of youthful expressions, as I recently conjured, is enshrined in the spirit of ‘the moment’ The moment is somewhat a myopic consciousness that ride off in one’s mind the need for longevity and preservative rationality.

Like the Biblical paradigm, the farmer in his deepest content of the moment told his heart to rest unperturbed, but little did he know that his maker (the master of his past, present and the future) was descending to upturn the clock of his life. Such is the drama of many people we know, or may not had heard of, whose life’s thrust weighed heavily on ‘the moment’. If only we’re aware that the first ideas that tickle our mind amidst human plights are often not the way forward, would we know that ‘the moment’ is intricate and delicate; be…

Better be a lazy Nigerian youth than a hardworking political thug

Recently, some mischievous Nigerians misinterpreted President Muhammadu Buhari's comments in one of his foreign trips. According to the president,some Nigerian youths prefer to lazy about in the pretense of not having white collar jobs instead of taking advantage of the federal government's enterpreneural initiatives and empowerment programmes which has so far employed over 500,000 Nigerians.

Some Nigerians and  politicians alike misconstrued this statement and made it look like the President was referring to all Nigerian youths as being lazy. If this is the case, I'd like to ask you, 'are you lazy?' If no, then why align yourself with those divisive and inciting interpretations by mischief makers?

Ever since this development, many youths who think they are 'lazy', have according to them,started working really hard so as not to be called lazy Nigerian youths. But the question is, in what direction are you working hard?

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, …

Why Expressing Gratitude Can Be So Hard To Do

Having a good social network you can depend on is the most important factor in a long and happy life.

On a daily basis, we interact with people. We cooperate with them, help them and on return, they help us. Yet in the daily give-and-take, we so often fail to express our gratitude to those who make a difference in our lives.

"Surely they know how grateful I am," we think. "I wouldn’t want to embarrass them by getting so emotional." 
This reluctance to say thanks is odd, considering how both scientific research and common experience has shown that expressing gratitude boosts the mood of both the expresser and the receiver, thus strengthening the emotional bond between them.

Then why are we so reluctant to say thanks? This is the question that University of Chicago psychologists Amit Kumar and Nicholas Epley asked in a set of studies recently reported in the journal Psychological Science.

The researchers start out by noting that we all have an egocentric bias that m…

See What My 12 Year Old Niece Gave To Me…Life’s Lessons

I visited my sister and her family last Sunday evening.

I was prepared for the fight. I am talking about this very stubborn niece of mine. She no dey carry eye see person! I usually go there clean and return home confused and with pockets full of sand, dirt all over me and not without a slight headache! Lol!

Hence, I prepare very well before I embark on such visits. God knows nothing will carry me to that house except my elder sister comes with those her…you don forget us don’t miss us at all..Busky, na wa for you ooo…..bla bla bla bla bla……..

I made sure I wore nothing light in case of tears. I wore a jean jacket over another jean trouser, all thick, and rugged!

The house was unusually quiet that evening. My sister was on her PC. Her hubby was away. There was no light and everywhere was cold and quiet except for a tiny voice filtering from the kitchen. I tip-toed into the kitchen, only to see this tiny stubborn niece of mine standing on a side chair, holding unto a long spo…

Hiccups, their causes and how to stop them

Hiccups is an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm and respiratory organs, with a sudden closure of the glottis and a characteristic gulping sound.

Normally, the diaphragm, a dome-shaped muscle between your lungs and stomach, pulls down when you inhale to let air into your lungs, and then relaxes when you exhale so air can flow back out of your lungs to exit your nose and mouth.

But if something irritates your diaphragm, it can spasm, forcing you to suddenly suck air into your throat, where it hits your voice box. That makes your vocal cords suddenly close, creating the distinct “hic!” sound.

Why Do Hiccups Happen?

Hiccups can happen for a lot of reasons -- some of them are physical, and some emotional. That’s because the actual irritation happens in the nerve connecting the brain to the diaphragm.

Some common causes include:

1. Eating too much or too quickly
2. Feeling nervous or excited
3. Drinking carbonated beverages or too much alcohol
4. Stress
5. A sudden change in temperature